ISNR Critical Infrastructure Protection Community

The Critical Infrastructure Protection Community brings together key stakeholders from across the industry including Oil & Gas, Utilities and Transportation.

The community will focus on most efficient physical and electronic security solutions, best practices and operational procedures to meet regional standards and avert new terrorist threats.

During the Cyber Security Conference, dedicated sessions on CIP will discuss how national capability can be raised to protect a country's infrastructure against traditional and non-traditional types of threats, such as cyber disruptions.

Delivering High Value from Five Strategic Drive

Key technologies to discover

Machine Learning
Digital Forensics
Anti-Malware, Anti-Spam & Anti Virus
Human Factors/ Governance/Compliance
Business Continuity/ Incident Response
Identity Access Management
Application Security
IoT Security
Cloud Security
Mobile Security
Cyber Terrorism & Cyber Warfare Protection
Network Security
Data Protection
Managed Security Services (MSS)