Under the Patronage of H.H. Lt. General Sheikh Saif bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of the Interior.

ADNEC Group unveils agenda of ISNR Talks programme

Publication Date: 8 Oct 2022

Under the patronage of His Highness General Sheikh Saif bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior , ADNEC Group has unveiled the exciting agenda for the brand new ISNR Talks, held during the seventh edition of the International Exhibition for National Security and Resilience (ISNR) Abu Dhabi.

Taking place from 10-12 October, ISNR Abu Dhabi, organised by ADNEC in co-operation with the Ministry of Interior and the Abu Dhabi Police General Headquarters, offers a unique networking platform connecting regional government bodies with security solution providers from across the globe. The event will bring the national and cyber security community together to accelerate public-private collaboration for a safer connected world.

As a key part of the event’s agenda, ISNR Talks offers three forums across the three event days, free of charge for all attendees. International experts and thought leaders will provide new perspectives and insights into the most inspiring case studies, with engaging keynotes and panel discussions. Over three impactful days, the ISNR Talks sessions will shed light on the future of policing, artificial intelligence, and cybersecurity and critical infrastructure protection.

Day one will see attendees benefit from key learnings from the Future of Policing Forum. It will feature a keynote session on the ‘Future of Policing: Adopting innovation for crime prevention now and in the future’, a panel discussion on ‘Smart cities: Securing the future: Innovations and new management techniques transforming policing in evolving communities’, and a case study on the ‘Challenges and opportunities in harnessing technology for improved crime prevention’. In addition, topics such as ‘Integrated multi-agency training and collaboration for improved surveillance’, ‘Preventing crime through technology enabled community policing’, ‘Analysing the enhanced skills set required for policing in the 21st century’, and ‘Policing social media: Who should be held responsible for user comments and how should people and organisations be held liable’ will be discussed.

Focusing on artificial intelligence, day two will feature two keynotes, ‘Highlighting how AI and machine learning will impact homeland security’ and ‘Policing the Metaverse – Challenges and opportunities’. Speakers will share insights through a case study ‘Embracing digitalisation in homeland security for greater information and intelligence sharing’. Moreover, panellists will discuss topics such as ‘the future of threat management – AI & Smart technologies’, ‘Fighting the digital battle: Maintaining security, data sovereignty and scalability in could systems’, ‘Ensuring reliable, unbiased and non-discriminatory data for AI learning and decision making’ and ‘Predictive Policing - Separating reality from fiction’.

The final day will see engaging discussions on cyber security and critical infrastructure protection. Topics such as ‘Building multistakeholder safety mechanisms into critical infrastructure’, ‘Analysing the role of public private partnerships in securing supply chains’, ‘Autonomous robot assisted techniques in mitigating evolving threats’ and ‘Employing robotics, UGV and electric vehicles for emergency response’ will be explored. Participants can also have the chance to attend panel discussions on ‘Cyber security and business continuity: Defending national assets and mitigating possible threats through improved transnational collaboration and intelligence sharing’ and ‘Doing more with less: Tackling the resource challenge through technology in infrastructure protection’ in addition to a keynote on ‘Smart cities and the new threats presented with integrated systems’.

ISNR Abu Dhabi will showcase a wide range of technologies in the fields of digital forensic medical science, combating malware and spam emails and viruses, human factors, governance, compliance, business continuity, accident response, identity and access management and application security. The exhibition will also highlight the latest developments in Internet of Things (IoT) security, cloud security, mobile phone security, cyberterrorism and protection from cyber warfare, network security, data security, managed security services (MSS), and encryption.